Hiking in Castegnero



IMG_8757I had been debating about whether or not a short hike was worthy of a blog entry, and today I finally decided that it is.  So let me backtrack a couple weeks to our first hike of the year in the Colli Berici.  Hiking in Italy has proven to be a lot harder than hiking Stateside simply because everything tends to be so badly marked.  We had our map and everything and it was still a little tricky to follow.  If you feel like hiking around Vicenza, you can find hiking maps of the Colli Berici for about €10 that are surprisingly detailed.  Since there’s usually not a lot to tell about hiking, I think these hiking blogs will be fairly short and full of pictures instead.

IMG_8742  IMG_8783IMG_8762  IMG_8764

IMG_8796Erin, Amanda, and I drove south to the town of Castegnero (another down known for cherries) and eventually found blazes for number 1, the trail we were looking for.  Hazelnut came with us and proved to be a total champ the whole time – she was well-behaved and stayed right with us.  It would have been nice to bring Madelyn as well, but she’s just not cut out for hiking, especially in the heat.  I would have been carrying her halfway through.IMG_8790

The hike was tough for me, as all hikes are, but it ended up being a lovely morning and the hound had a blast.  We saw some lovely views and plenty of local flora and fauna (wild or otherwise).  There are plenty more hikes to try out and I’m sure it won’t be long before we’re back for more.


❤ Feynor



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