Downtown Dogs

Today was an extra special day for the hounds.  Since we don’t have a car and the bus isn’t an option, Hazel and Maddie have never actually been downtown.  Well my good ol’ Bestie suggested that we take her car and spend a leisurely Sunday morning walking around Vicenza with the muppets.

The girls had a total blast.  There were all sorts of new smells and other dogs to harass and people to trip up (mostly us).  Hazel pulled me to her heart’s delight and Maddie wanted to eat pigeons.  They were terrified of a water jet fountain.  Maddie got scared by a balloon popping and had to sit on Erin’s lap for comfort.

The humans, meanwhile, got to enjoy some freshly squeezed orange juice.  (Just about every cafe offers fresh OJ here.  Hopefully the States will catch on to this one.)

It was a very exciting morning.

❤ Feynor

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