Pisa, Innsbruck, Venice, and Guests.

At the end of December my friend Casey and her husband Isaac came to stay for a couple of weeks.  My guests just left a couple days ago, so now I finally have time to write a quickie about their visit.  We got a lot done, but I won’t go into too much detail to save my time and your eyesight.

Our first real day trip was to Bassano del Grappa, a tiny town at the foot of the Dolomites that hosts a very small Christmas market.  In December, Christmas markets are EVERYWHERE.  Unfortunately the weather wasn’t particularly cooperative, but we were able to get some goodies before heading home.

Next we ventured to Verona, a fun little city about an hour away from dear ol’ Vicenza.  I had been there a few times prior, which is actually convenient because after the first trip I had learned my way around quite well.  

And surprise surprise, Verona has a Christmas market as well!  It was very cute and I had my first Vin Brulee / Glühwein / Hot wine of my life.  This stuff is delicious.  Have some.

Our first really big trip was to Innsbruck, Austria (and yet another Christmas market).  I’ve blogged about it before, but I was happy to go again.  As we made the drive, the weather cleared up to give us incredible views of the alps.  Walking through the market, we came across a horse and carriage and decided to splurge and take a ride through town.  Innsbruck was beautiful, as ever, with the snowy mountain backdrop looming above the market.


The next day we decided to go to Pisa and see the famous leaning tower.  It was a tower.  It was leaning.  That was about it.  We got some lunch while we were there (and I found my obligatory souvenir magnet), but Pisa doesn’t really have much else to offer.  Luckily there were some pretty Tuscan views along the way.

Next we had a cooking class where we learned how to make lasagna, cannoli, and tiramisu.  It was a fun day for most of us and I’ve already put my lasagna skills to work at home.  (Tiramisu will be next.  It’s suspiciously easy.)

After that was a two-day Venetian adventure.  The first day we focused on the main island of Venice, while the second day we spent hopping along the small islands.  Again, I’ve done all this before so I was able to be a pretty good tour guide.


We bought our own popcorn and fed the pigeons in San Marco (a favorite for Casey and Isaac), and even shared bottles of Prosecco traveling around the islands the next day.  The day we went to the islands we were extremely fortunate to have a clear enough day to see the alps.  Bestie and I (she joined us for the second day) found ourselves awestruck by the beauty of the setting sun hitting the distant mountaintops over the Venetian lagoon.

Unfortunately Casey and I both found ourselves with colds the next day and didn’t feel up to our last journey to Florence.  Instead we spent a little time in Vicenza and enjoyed a couple days of rest.  And that sums up my most recent adventures!

❤ Feynor

PS – Stay tuned for more fun trips when the Husband’s dad comes to visit after Christmas!

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