Cooking with Truffles: Trattoria all’Angelo

I swore I was going to write a post about my most recent cooking class, but alas, my computer is on its deathbed.  It has a serious case of the freezes, making it impossible to get anything done.  Don’t worry though, a new one is on the way!  (I’m typing this on my Cretaceous Era, slower-than-death netbook. )

Anyway, some of the Spritz Club ladies arranged a cooking class with Chef Mauro and his wife Bari at Trattoria all’Angelo.  The restaurant is located a little bit north of Thiene (tee-eh-nay) at the foot of the Dolomites and though it’s a bit of a drive (45 minutes or so), it is well worth it.

The ingredients were all set out on a long table, waiting for us when we arrived.  There were drinks and small snacks at our disposal, and since the class started at 10 they also offered us a hot beverage to start (I had cappuccino).  The trattoria is spacious with plenty of room to work, and it was especially nice to be able to work in a restaurant kitchen.

Chef Mauro talked us through the menu and then we got straight to work.  It was a lot of fun – I made new friends and got to learn some of the secrets of restaurant-quality Italian cuisine.

They showed us how to aesthetically plate each dish, but the best part was actually eating what we had made.  We all got to sit down together at a table and enjoy each course with wine pairings.  (Insider Tip: Don’t offer to drive.  There is a LOT of wine to enjoy!  Or at least take turns with friends being DD.)

The food was amazing and surprisingly doable at home.  I actually recreated the main course for the Husband before he left for a training rotation.  He agreed it was delicious, but I still don’t know what to do with the rest of this port.  I can’t drink it because I don’t smoke cigars and I don’t have a fireplace.


Want to do a cooking class?

Check out their website at to see the classes they have to offer.  Email them at to sign up or get on their email list.  (They regularly send out emails about upcoming classes.)  Or you can set up your own private class of your choosing with 8 people or more.

Cost: €50, although some classes cost more.  (Like our upcoming liquor-making class, which is €65, or their market & class day where they take you shopping for ingredients at the local outdoor market (€60).  They even have a truffle hunting class!)

And don’t worry, Chef Mauro and Bari both speak perfect English.  Bari is from the U.S. so you’ll never have to wonder what she just said.  Our class happened to be on a foggy, rainy day, so I couldn’t see too much of the area.  However, friends have told me that it’s a really beautiful location when the weather permits being outdoors.

Getting There:  Your GPS will take you there… almost.  For some reason GPS thinks the address is at the foot of the hill, when it’s actually halfway up.  Just keep driving up the winding road and you’ll find it on your left (parking on the right).

I can’t recommend these cooking classes enough.  And if you’ve been reading long, you know how stingy I am.  If you care about food and want to learn hands-on to cook the good stuff, Trattoria All’Angelo is a great place to do it.

Stay tuned for my next class at Trattoria All’Angelo when we’ll learn to make 4 different types of Italian liquor, including the famous Limoncello!

❤ Feynor

PS – Thanks to Daisy for the pictures, since I was a dummy and didn’t bring a camera!

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