The Islands of Venice

From when I was still Maracuja with the Spritz Club gals.

God Save the Spritz


The Spritz Club’s latest outing was an especially exciting one.  We took a whole day to go to Venice and explore some of its islands.  Fun times were had by all!

“Mainland” Venice


Yeah, I know, Venice itself is an island.  But it’s surprisingly easy to forget about the dozens of islands that surround it, and as we learned, it would take a LONG time to explore them all.

IMG_20140411_142633We got our €10 return train tickets to Venice and arrived there at about 10 o’clock.  Just outside the train station you’ll find booths where you can buy vaporetto (water bus) tickets.  For €18 you can get a 12-hour pass to use on, as far as I know, all of Venice’s vaporetti.  We bought our tickets and a €3 map of Venice with the water bus routes before we realized it was a ripoff.  Posted right next to the booth was the EXACT map we…

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