Olive Oil Tour and Soave

Friends, I know I haven’t posted too much exciting stuff lately. But it’s because we have something SUPER EXCITING coming up next month! So please bear with me in the meantime.

This one is an oldie from the Spritz Club, but oh-so-Italian. Enjoy.

God Save the Spritz

Nothing beats a great-tasting olive oil and at Bonamini we got to experience some of the very best.  We ventured out rather early from Vicenza and after getting turned around a bit (I was in charge of navigating…) finally made our way about an hour out of the city.


We walked inside and were warmly greeted by Sabrina who was to be our lovely tour guide.  She later told us that Bonamini was in fact her company and had been a family run business since 1965!  She first told us about the process of how the olives are removed from the tree–they aren’t ready until they are dark purple–not green, which normally happens in mid October through December.  To check to make sure they are ready, you cut one open and inspect the color of the “pulp.”

ImageOlives are then combed off the tree with rakes and collected into nets.  Then…

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