The 52 Tunnels of Mount Pasubio

Another from the Spritz Club – our 52 Tunnels hike! Written by me – enjoy.

God Save the Spritz

Phew, what a day!  We had been planning to do this exciting hike since we first formed the Spritz Club and we knew our time time was running out with winter approaching.  So today had to be the day!  We left Vicenza at 9AM and eventually found ourselves driving up a windy, narrow dirt road.  Mela was driving (for which Ananas and I were incredibly grateful)  when we came upon a dump truck and backhoe completely blocking the road!  With a wall of dirt to the left and a sheer cliff to the right, we had no choice but to sit and wait.  Eventually we had to back down the nerve-racking road and let the truck pass us.  After more driving than we expected (“Is this the right way?  Why are there no signs for the trail?  There should be a parking area somewhere….”) we found the entrance to the…

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