How Many Can We Fit in a Pedal Boat?

This is a REALLY late post.  Sue me.  I’ve been busy… kinda.

Anyway, for 4th of July weekend the Husband and I and our friends Jess and Kirby decided to go camping.  Or at least, as close to camping as you can get in Europe at a campground.  (Bonus Game: Spot the dog packed in the car!)

We discovered the hard way that in the summer, most campgrounds here don’t like to let you book for less than a week, often two.  I can’t speak for all European countries, but Italy takes August off.  For real.  It’s vacation month, and a lot of families pack up and take off to Goodness Knows Where for the ENTIRE MONTH.  So maybe it’s not surprising that campgrounds would rather get at least a week or two out of you.

However, we also discovered that if you go to a campground in person to book, they might make an exception.  That’s the only way we managed to book two nights instead of two weeks at a campground in Lazise (la-zee-zay) on Lago di Garda.

Lazise is so. freaking. cute.  It’s a walled town right on the water with a castle and everything.  And it’s only about 50 minutes from Vicenza, so you should go for at least a day just to enjoy the place.

Apparently, even the most basic campgrounds in Europe teeter toward the “glamping” side.  For example, our campground had it’s own restaurant, pool, and volleyball area, and that’s nothing compared to many others.  Being from Vermont, we’re used to maybe having bathrooms, and that’s about it.  Now that’s REAL camping.  With FIRE.  (That’s right; at these European glampsites you usually can’t have fires.)

Possibly the best thing we did during our campstravaganza was rent pedal boats.  I know, it doesn’t sound so exciting, but get this: we brought our hounds.  And now get this: our friends brought THEIR two dogs!  We managed to have all four of us, plus our four dogs on one pedal boat, tied off to a buoy so we could swim.  It was the absolute best.

I’ll leave it at that for the sake of having a SHORT post for once.  Enjoy it, because it probably won’t last.

❤ Feynor

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