Kotor, Montenegro: City of Cats

Guys, guess who came to visit me a few weeks ago?  MY DAD!  I hadn’t seen him in two and a half years, so it was pretty special.  And I decided that to make it even more special, I would surprise him with a cruise.

We cruised with Royal Caribbean with stops in Montenegro, Croatia, and three Greek Islands.  Before we get to that though, I need to just show you these amazing views as we set out from Venice at sunset.  I think you’ll thank me more than hate me.  (You can even see the Alps silhouetted in the distance!)




Kotor, Montenegro may be the most medieval town I’ve ever visited.  Nestled in dramatic, moody mountains in a hidden bay lies this little gem of a city.


You can barely make out the ancient grey wall that climbs up the mountain and back down, encompassing Old Town Kotor.  About halfway up is even a small chapel.


If you look closely, I’m sure you can spot the wall above – it’s pretty astounding.  I mean really, how the hell did they build that?  That mountainside is crazy steep.  Here’s an unfocused night version.  I have a focused one too, but I quite prefer this.


The wall is completely walkable.  Ahem, hikeable.  Like I said, it’s steep.  And it isn’t free – I think it was €3 each.  Definitely worth it.  Even if you don’t hike the whole thing, it doesn’t take long to get above the rooftops and enjoy the view of Kotor and the bay.  And if you make it to the chapel, you can say a prayer to get your breath back!


Unfortunately we only had a few hours to spend in Kotor, so we hiked to the first real viewpoint, where my dad made a new allergy-inducing friend.  This may be my favorite picture.  Ever.


Kotor is a self-proclaimed City of Cats (which we discovered from reading handmade signs).  We saw quite a few moggies, although I didn’t take too many pictures of them.  We even had a few professional beggar cats join us for dinner.  They were all sweet and very friendly.


Before we knew it, we had to get back to the ship.  But not before we stopped and enjoyed a beer, watching the city darken and the lights on the wall come to life.

img_0336_zpsq8dufrarKotor ended up being our favorite stop of the entire week-long cruise, and tragically it was the one in which we had the least time.  I’d love to go back and see what else Montenegro has to offer.

Foodie Tip: Montenegro, as we learned from our waiter, has very good red wine, while Croatia has good white wine.  I can’t speak for Croatia, but the red we had with dinner in Kotor was easily as good as anything I’ve had in Italy.

Stay tuned for Corfu!

❤ Feynor




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