Split, Croatia: Antiques and Bell Towers

Our very last stop on the cruise was in Split, Croatia – a part of Croatia I still hadn’t seen.  First thing off the ship, there were bike-drawn carriages waiting for the tourists.  Dad and I decided to indulge a little and get a ride around the town.

It was still early in the day and Split was nice and quiet.  We got to see a lot of it without any crowds.  When the bike tour ended, we wandered around on foot and revisited the spots we’d seen – like this square modeled St. Mark’s square in Venice.

We discovered that the bell tower in the heart of the old town district was climbable, so up we went.  Phew, that was really steep.  I’ve climbed a few around Europe at this point, but that one was really steep in some spots.  Somehow we made it to the top, where we could see our ship and all of Split before us.

The tower did cost a little bit to climb (it came to only a few euro, although Croatia uses kuna).  If the view isn’t worth it to you, the sense of accomplishment probably will be.  It’s not an easy climb.

We checked out the wonderful market (open every day, I believe), where there were sections of produce, honey, meats, and even antiques.  I’m not generally an antique shopper, but I have to admit that something caught my eye.

At one of the stalls was a very unique-looking wooden elephant with metal and bone decorations.  (After visiting Thailand, I have a weakness for elephants.)  It had been an expensive trip, so I talked myself out of even considering it.  But my dad changed my mind and €45 euro later (yes, I haggled a little bit) I had me an elephant.  I think the price was more than worth it, although I also think they probably asked for double since I was a tourist.

We checked out the fish market, listened to some very talented street performers, and got lunch and beer in a gorgeous square.  It was a lovely day, and the perfect conclusion to our week of traveling and cheesy father-daughter bonding.

We watched the sun set from the ship, just before leaving Split.  Pics or it didn’t happen, right?

After making it back to the shores of Italy, we topped the cruise off with a little bit of time in Venice.  We discovered that Venice on a foggy day is enchanting.  Perhaps not the best weather for a first real visit, but my dad got to see it a little on the first day of our cruise. You may remember we had the most gorgeous sunset sendoff (and if you don’t, you should at least check out that blog entry because the pictures are amazing.)

My favorite thing to do in Venice is to buy a bag of popcorn and go to St. Mark’s Square to feed the pigeons.  I didn’t really warn my dad, I just kind of shoved popcorn into his hand.  The Husband was good enough to capture the moment with his hella wicked photography skillz.  (New Years Resolution: Use the word “hella.”)

When the Husband picked us up at the train station the next day, the firs thing he said was “I’ve had a cold, but I’m almost over it.”  I promptly got sick and spent most of the remainder of my dad’s visit indoors, blowing my nose and feeling bad for myself.

I’m so glad my dad could come visit us in Italy while we had the chance.  And we’ll definitely be going on more cruises.

❤ Feynor

Up Next: The Husband and I do Rome in a day.

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