My Small Dogs

Meet Madelyn and Hazelnut

Alright, so they’re not so small.  They’re fat, stinky basset hounds and they make every day of my life brighter.


IMG_20130624_115938Maddie is the brown one; she’s very cuddly, loves to talk when she’s excited (roo roo roo), and always looks sad.

She steals dirt out of our potted plants, trips over her own feet every 15 minutes, is terrified of plastic bags, and has to play with her food before she eats it.  In short, she’s hilarious.

IMG_7451  IMG_7868

389041_3316472201550_2116388802_nHazel is the mostly white one. —————————–>  She’s older than Maddie by over two years and she’s a troublemaker.  She runs, barks, steals treats, and generally causes trouble.  She rarely looks sad, and is a seasoned kayaker.

She’ll never learn to stop pulling on the leash or to play gently with her sister.

250458_1706920843772_6343156_n  IMG_7458

253677_4396359078047_1721662255_nTheir favorite place in the world is at my father in-law’s house in Vermont.  He has a big yard in the middle of nowhere and they get to run outside in the grass and bark as much as they want without pissing off the Italian witch-lady neighbor.

Despite the old strega next door, the pups do seem to like it here.  Now we have balconies from which to survey – and bark at – people as they come and go.

IMG_0210One of their favorite activities is chasing reptiles.  There are plenty of lizards to scramble after during our walks (with a little teamwork they were able to catch a baby one), and for some strange reason our parking lot is overrun with toads at night.  Toad-hunting is fun too, but not as much of a challenge.944297_4609518806907_1969276387_n

Overall, they like Italy.  But we’ll all be glad when we have a yard again where they can run and play in the grass.

❤ Feynor



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